Payment Gateway

PayCore ensures that you and your customers can accept payments and carry out transactions smoothly by securing the e-commerce infrastructure in the banking and retail industries, with 24/7 operational support and regulation-compliant monitoring and reporting services. PayCore provides value-added services in the sector with its solutions and successfully supports billions of transactions per year in the local region.

Why PayCore Payment Gateway

• Secure and Seamless: Creating cost advantages at minimum risk thanks to its compliance with international card payment system standards by providing payment card security through PCI DSS, 3D Secure, backup/renewal systems & connection infrastructure, as well as PayCore's tokenization solution.

• Fraud features, PCI DSS, 3D Secure, Substitute/ Replacement System and Connection Infrastructure

• Instant Monitoring for Banks and Merchants

• System Connection Control with Periodic Transactions

• Easy, Rapid Integration: Fast Integration Through the Web with API and Code Support - Ready for Any Language

• User-Friendly Screens and Mobile Application: Dashboard Reporting, Customizable Payment Page, Mobile Application for Merchants

• Innovative Features: Able to Define Fraud Parameters for Every Scenario, Card Storage, BIN Inquiries, Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support, Dynamic Authorization for Multiple Levels, Date/Time-Based Dynamic Management of Future-Dated Periodic Collection, Optimum Average Transaction Period

• Scalable and Flexible Business Model: Licensing and External Service Model, Modular Structure


24/7 Operation & Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all our systems with industry-recognized, cutting-edge, innovative tools in customer and service breakdown analysis, coupled with alert infrastructures. Fast, solution-oriented operation service in all emergency situations, thanks to our experienced and professional teams

Transaction Routing

Enables businesses with more than one Virtual POS to direct their transactions to a Virtual POS of their choice and easily managing transactions.

Merchant Help Desk 24/7

Providing 24/7 support to virtual POS workplaces and swiftly solving any problems encountered.


Thanks to our user-friendly screens, member businesses can easily and quickly generate their reports.

Fraud Management

Practical decision-support solutions for different business models, such as banks and financial institutions that provide virtual POS services.
• 24/7 examination of acquiring transactions matching the scenarios set up in parallel with Visa, Mastercard, other schemes and BKM rule metrics, and detection of fraudulent transactions online or offline to facilitate any necessary action.

• When false, fraudulent or manipulated transactions in member workplaces are detected, the POS of the workplace is blocked according to the required documents and information from the member workplace.

• Providing instant notification of transactions matching the scenarios to institutions, preparing and sharing daily/weekly/monthly fraud reports in a format appropriate to the requirements of each institution

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