PayCore 101 – Interview with Rudi Babayi

Can you talk briefly about the recruitment process?

First of all, from the planning of my first meeting to the proposal process, it was transparent and informative.

In all of our conversations, focusing on the candidate’s vision and what they could contribute, as well as the expectations of the institution, making this process feel mutual, and having a sincere approach were extremely impressive.


We are aware that the first day of work is stressful and exciting Were we able to support you in coping with this? How were the first days?

I was very excited on the first day The fact that the working environment was arranged according to the needs of the employees and that personal needs were considered made me realize the importance of the value given to employees.

When I first turned on my computer, the “Welcome” email from the HR department and my short resumé with photographs being published throughout the company eliminated the feeling of alienation, and this was a relief at the first point of contact with other employees.

With the smiley approach of my department manager and the teams we will work with, we established good dialogue in a short time.

The allocation of a “buddy” from the Human Resources department has been highly beneficial in terms of social orientation.

Most importantly, planting a sapling in my name was a wonderful gift. It is pleasing to be involved in an organization with social responsibility awareness.


You completed all of the orientation and training processes online. Can you talk about its advantages and disadvantages?

In fact, there isn’t a difference in the results of online and physical interviews; I was asking myself if there would be a difference in terms of perception, but on the first day I saw that this was not the case.

PayCore Orientation training has accelerated the process of compliance. It enabled me to obtain end-to-end information about the company’s mission and vision, organizational structure, business rules and policies, side benefits, all procedures and personal rights, and it was comforting to find answers to my

I started to observe the infrastructures used in the sector in a short time, thanks to the professional trainings prepared according to the ideas of the experts in the field, as well as the corporate orientation online. The biggest advantage of being online is that I can access these trainings whenever I need.

Apart from the online trainings, at the end of the 2nd week, one-to-one evaluation of the orientation process with the HR department and asking for my opinion made the processes feel fast and easily accessible, and was a sincere approach.


What kind of contributions did the trainings provided make to your professional life, apart from their contribution to the adaptation process?

In security area that I’m working, our professional competence and standards are constantly changing and developing, and I had the opportunity to both observe and experience the technologies used here at international standards through trainings. I can say that this situation contributed to my perspective and to my analysis capabilities.


If we talk about starting a new job during the pandemic period, how would you describe it, as an experienced person?

The fact that pandemic-process trainings have been included in the orientation trainings within the scope of Covid-19 measures, which have negatively affected our lives recently, creates the feeling that the employee is important.

With the start of the pandemic process, the meetings with the CEO and HR manager were attended by the whole company, including a doctor for healthy and accurate information transfer, and contained enlightening information in terms of the measures taken and the rules to be followed. Even though I joined the institution afterwards, the inclusion of the meeting recording in the orientation shows the transparency in PayCore during the pandemic process.

The measures taken against the pandemic in the offices make me feel safe: disinfection is provided every 3 hours, the seating arrangement complies with the social distancing rules, there are warning signs about compliance with hygiene rules throughout the company, a mask is provided, and the periodic home-office working system eliminates the factors that may cause concern. In addition, there is a pandemic team to communicate with easily if we have questions during the pandemic process.


Are you happy to be in our company? Finally, could you give a message to our new friends who want to join us?

These two months that I spent were really positive; each candidate must have different expectations and perceptions, I advise them not to hesitate and to be very comfortable here about sharing their thoughts and goals . I’ve had the opportunity to clearly question and experience things here.

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