Param | PayCore

Param and PayCore are preparing for a new era in the payment world!

Param and PayCore Join Forces!

We are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached to incorporate PayCore and our subsidiaries into Param, Turkey’s most valuable fintech company.

We offer technology infrastructures and financial software solutions in over 30 countries. With more than 400 employees, we serve more than 250 banks, financial institutions, telecom operators, and international companies in the field of financial technology. We have accomplished many successful projects so far, meeting the needs of our customers and business partners and undertaking important tasks in the payment world.

With 22 years of experience in the sector, we create the payment system infrastructure of prominent banks in Turkey, as well as of payment and e-money institutions. With our product Ocean, we contribute to the realization of more than 3 billion transactions per year.

With the support of Param, Turkey’s most valuable fintech company, leading the development of the fintech industry and attracting international investors with its robust financial structure and foreign partners, we are confident that PayCore will achieve its global growth target. As the flagship of payment systems, we are very excited to join the Param family. Through this partnership, we believe that PayCore and Param, contributing to the development of the payment world, will further increase their strength in the field of financial technology and maintain their leadership in the sector.

PayCore Academy

PayCore Academy offers comprehensive training programs both for personal development and technical skills.

PayCore Academy aims to:

  • Streghten PayCore strategies and employer branding,
  • Promote effective skills management,
  • Make development plans for today and future.
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