Since 2001, we have offered banks, PSPS, and financial institutions an EMV compliant platform enabling comprehensive management of the end-to-end lifecycle of credit, debit, prepaid card products that supports all forms of payments.

Why PayCore Issuing Services?

• Licensing or processing models’ solutions are supported based on your demands and needs.

• Banks, PSPs, e-money, and public institutions of all sizes prefer “Ocean 2.0”, an in-house developed card software package,

• Proven track record of payment technologies expertise since 2001,

• Offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services supporting international and local card schemes,

• Flexibility and easy integration for innovative new card product rollouts

• Delivers value-added services for your partners and cardholders


Credit Card Management

PayCore Credit Card Management solution is an EMV-compliant platform that delivers comprehensive management of a range of card products for banks, neobanks, PFs and PSPs.

The Credit Card Management solution has a modular structure with; card product management, card issuing, card authorization, card fee, charge and interest management, cardholder statements, card life-cycle management, clearing and settlement and dispute and chargeback management.

The platform is flexible and manages a wide range of product features through its single installation (revolving, charge, installments, etc.), supporting all card types (individual, commercial, magnetic stripe, EMV, contactless, digital and virtual cards).


Debit Card Management

An EMV-compatible platform connects directly to customers’ deposit accounts for financial transactions. The system manages and reports card issuing, activation, parameter management, transaction limits, PIN and key management, and clearing and settlement.

Prepaid Card Management

Enables banks, telecom operators and retailers to manage the entire lifecycle of prepaid card programs. In addition to offering acquiring and issuing modules for EMV based open-loop and closed-loop systems, it also offers flexible infrastructure for cards in reloadable travel and transportation, e-money, e-commerce.

Loyalty and Campaign Management

The PayCore Loyalty and Campaign Management system supports reward mechanisms to increase the customer's spending frequency and/or amount, creating a win-win relationship between the bank, merchant and the customer.

System offers flexible, scenario-based campaign definitions by managing points, discounts, installments, RFM, miles, coupons, gift campaigns with instant earning and instant redemption features.

Clearing and Settlement

PayCore’s Clearing and Settlement Management allows clearing and settlement processes among banks, processing centers and financial institutions. You can manage incoming and outgoing file processes, validation, fee calculations, consolidation, chargeback and dispute processes.

Dispute and Chargeback Management

The PayCore dispute and chargeback management module facilitates the effective management of transactions subject to dispute. Our comprehensive, automated chargeback-management solution uses a workflow- and rule-based structure, streamlining a specific and timely sophisticated response to any inquiry or complaint.

Dispute and chargeback management covers anything from automatic creation of chargeback documentation to payments rule management. The system automatically keeps a complete history of each disputed transaction, while simultaneously tracking and recording transactions. It also can be integrated with all supported card schemes.

Solution-advanced, automated functionality for cost-saving operational efficiency ranges from the automatic creation of chargeback documentation of guided workflows, to integrated payment-association rule processing. The system tracks and records disputed transactions, automatically keeping the entire history of each disputed transaction. Such an approach helps ensure efficient chargeback processing operations for both reduced costs and increased effectiveness, while facilitating easier compliance with payment industry regulations.


Fraud Scenario Management

PayCore fraud scenario management solution has been specifically developed for customers, retail, e-commerce and B2B’s needs to prevent losses resulting from fraud attacks. The rule-based fraud detection system offers a complete fraud detection and prevention solution, allowing you to easily define your own criteria while preventing any loss that may arise from related actions.

Offers a complete fraud detection solution for all card types (credit card, debit card, virtual card), alternative distribution channels, and merchant and clearing management systems.

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