EMV Kernel

EMV transformation impacts every part of the banking payments ecosystem, service providers, and financial institutions. PayCore’s expert staff, with 20+ years of experience, are here to support you for all your EMV processes!

Why PayCore EMV Kernel?

The PayCore EMV Enablement Solution allows terminal providers, chip providers, card issuers, acquirers, and transit operators to seamlessly migrate their legacy systems to EMV standards, thereby reducing fraud risk and lowering costs. With its EMV experience, PayCore offers the optimum solutions and services in this field.

PayCore, with its 20+ years of experience in the field of EMV, offers EMV solutions to all areas of the payment ecosystem, from cards and card terminals to acquirer and card-issuing systems, creating an integrated, end-to-end platform for you.

You can contact PayCore’s experienced experts for a smooth EMV migration.


EMV Level 2 Kernel

PayCore EMV Level 2 (L2) Kernel is a middleware application between a terminal operating system and a terminal payment application, providing an EMV transaction between terminal and card and offering a configuration-friendly solution with low memory requirements.

The certification, which is critical to the smooth migration of EMV and mobile payment transactions for terminal vendors, possesses a flexible architecture that supports different types of terminals, such as tablets, parking devices, outdoor payment terminals, transit validators, and retail terminals. With the EMV level 2 kernel, you can carry out secure and convenient transactions in retailers, transit locations, self-service terminals and other EMV-enabled payment locations.

With over a decade providing cutting-edge solutions for global vendors and developing EMV contact and contactless EMV level 2 kernel projects, PayCore’s most recent certification supports both contact and contactless payment schemes.

PayCore EMV L2
Kernel Solution


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