Choosing the Right Payment Processing Partner

How to Choose the Right Payment Processing Partner

by Ayşen Nergiz

The acceleration in the use of financial technologies is not new. It has been the big moon shot in the market for a long time for businesses, banks, institutions, and merchants. Especially for merchants and businesses, using an online payment gateway and utilizing efficient payment processing solutions is not an option anymore in today’s market dynamics.

The reason is simple. Customer-centric, easily adaptable, and holistic payment services and innovations enable businesses and merchants to manage their payments in a secure and frictionless way.

Still, financial and payment processing solutions and innovations are not only here for businesses and merchants. It is the heart of providing a better customer experience through products and services for e-commerce companies, banks, e-money providers, and many institutions.

The only way to utilize innovative payment processing services and solutions is to choose a partner that provides customized financial solutions in an agile and seamless way. Choosing the right payment processing partner is like finding a needle in a haystack.  You might be lost if you don’t know what you should look for.

Thus, this article breaks down the must-have qualifications of a good processing partner. Let’s dive in!

The Shift Is Faster Than Ever

The rising e-commerce trends, smartphone utilization, and surging internet penetration combined with post-Covid dynamics have created a unique environment. This has given the chance for banks, merchants, e-money, e-commerce, and payment processing companies to adopt alternative payment methods and provide a seamless experience by integrating the right processing solutions.

This apparent shift in the use of financial technologies has resulted in a variety of payment services and processing solutions needed for banks, merchants, and payment processing companies.

Let’s take a closer look at processing needs in each industry:

  • Banks: The need for the banks is to produce products and services that provide a unique customer experience. Thus, banks need to enable payment processing licensing products to decrease the time to market and gain a competitive advantage.

  • E-Commerce Companies and Merchants:  To keep up with the ever-changing e-commerce trends, e-commerce companies and merchants need to provide efficient, seamless, and secure payment options to their customers. In this situation, applying the right payment gateway solutions is essential to provide customers with a better user experience and create a flawless process.

  • Payment Processing Companies: A complete processing infrastructure that includes comprehensive licensing and third-party processing is essential for those companies to come up with cost-effective strategies. Therefore, payment processing companies need to partner with processing partners that offer end-to-end and innovative payment processing services and solutions.

With 20+ years of experience, qualified team members, and easily adaptable, customer-centric, and complete payment processing solutions, PayCore Ocean 2.0 Card Management Solution is here to provide you with all your payment processing needs.

From debit card payments to credit card payments and virtual payment processing solutions to card management systems, we provide a complete payment processing infrastructure with our licensing and third-party processing models.

So whether you need payment processing solutions for your business, bank, institution, or e-commerce store, you can be assured that you will always find the solution you need with PayCore Ocean 2.0 Card Management Solution.


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Partner Up for Agility and Customer Centricity

Selecting a payment processing partner is not about the offered solutions; it is more about how the processing partner provides these solutions and payment systems. Thus, if you want both your customers and business partners to experience excellence, you should consider finding a payment processing partner that provides agile, innovative, and comprehensive payment solutions.

This is where PayCore steps in! We manage all technical and operational processes in payment systems with our complete infrastructure and skilled experts so our customers can focus on their core activities.

Here are all the qualifications that make PayCore a great processing partner for your bank, business, e-commerce, and payment processing companies.

1. Customizability

Providing customer-centric processing solutions is the core of PayCore solutions and services. Our processing services include a variety of payment solutions for issuing and acquiring processes, payment gateway & virtual POS, digital payment acceptance, and digital card management systems. We also provide enriched and integrated loyalty and campaign management systems, in addition to a full product portfolio for debit, prepaid, credit, e-commerce, and ATM payment processes.

With PayCore payment processing services, you can design a unique card program for your business goals using our market-tested APIs and get inspired by real customer insights. So that is a big check for the first qualification on the list!

2. Higher Adaptivity

Working with an inexperienced payment processing partner can slow down your operations. With our 20+ years of experience, we ensure that none of your operations stops or slows down while adopting our payment processing solutions.  PayCore offers easily adaptable and configurable, API-enriched payment processing solutions and parameter card management systems as your trusted partner.

By partnering with PayCore, you can scale your payments fast and easily ensuring the highest availability and reliability standards to never lose momentum!

3. Solution – Oriented Customer Service

One of the most important qualifications you should look for when choosing a payment processing partner is quality customer service. Your processing partner should be able to answer all your questions and provide solution-oriented support when needed.

We have been building powerful, reliable connections with our payment innovation solutions and services for more than 20+ years. And we are here to support you whenever you need us with our more than 400+ experienced team members.

4. Security

Payment processing operations like credit card processing and debit card processing should be secured as they can require storing personal and financial information about customers’ card details. Thus, security is an extremely important characteristic to look for in a payment processing partner.  

PayCore processing solutions and services meet the requirements of international PCI-DSS compliance regulations and build to provide optimum availability by ensuring problem-free audits. In addition, fraud detection management systems provide a 24/7 rule-based operation for fraud scenarios.

This means that if you are looking for a trustable and experienced payment partner that provides non-stop processing operations securely, you know where to look.

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5. Risk Minimizing Models

The payment processing partner you are looking for should be able to minimize risks in your card processing operations by being able to adapt your core system setup. Whether you need in-house, on-premise, or cloud-based processing solutions, we are here with our various implementation and operational models that fit you best and minimize your business risks.

Our flexible operational models and holistic card management systems can enable you to enhance your card management operations and help you provide a unique customer experience by creating value with your strategies and payment innovations. So it might be the right time for you to advance to PayCore’s payment solutions.

Meet the Payment Processing Partner That You Need

As a global fintech and payments services company, we have operated 500+ global projects and created value for 190+ clients including banks, payment providers, retailers, and institutions.

We are always here to empower your organization and business with our payment processing solutions! So if you want to meet the payment processing partner you need and learn detailed information about our issuing and acquiring solutions, you can always contact us!

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