Card Personalization

Providing custom card products is key for issuers to provide their customers with a personalized experience.

As a trusted partner of global payment service providers for more than 20 years, we offer complete card personalization solutions complying with both local and international schemes.

Why PayCore Card Personalization Solutions?

With the PayCore Card Personalization solution, we offer issuers and personalization offices a smooth EMV migration and easily adaptable card issuing solutions. Our complete solution provides a cost-effective, vendor-independent, secure, and customizable card issuance infrastructure to allow our partners to easily commence new payment programs and complete card embossing processes in accordance with the issuers' requirements.

The Instant and Mass Card Issuance solution enables you to easily perform financial card issuing transactions at branches or retail points. Your clients can get a personalized bank card just three minutes after opening their accounts at bank branches and/or retail services.

You can utilize PayCore’s instant card issuing solutions and services for instant debit card personalization, credit card personalization, and much more.

Additional benefits of PayCore instant and mass issuing solution:

● Offered in software- and device-integrated form according to requirements

● Sends real-time personalization commands from the centralized data preparation network, and key management servers send information to the personalization equipment at the branch

● Compatible with all card embossing processes, plastics, and printing machines

● Its security processes and procedures can be centrally managed by the issuer

● Old card PINs can be transferred to cards that will be newly issued

● Supports all payment schemes

PayCore Instant and
Mass Issuing



Virtual POS

We provide end-to-end back-office, payment gateway, monitoring and reporting infrastructure to complete your e-commerce card payment transactions. With the web-based virtual POS online payment processing solution, operating in accordance with all payment scheme standards, payments can be accepted by financial institutions, e-commerce and m-commerce companies quickly and smoothly.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway, online payment processing platform, operates seamlessly with banks’ acquiring switching systems and e-commerce merchants. PayCore e-commerce payment gateway answers all your needs with its end-to-end back office, payment gateway, monitoring and reporting features. It is a web-based solution that is in compliance with all card schemes (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover) and 3D-secure standards.

Secure Card Storage

With PayCore secure card store module, you can store sensitive card data for payment systems in compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security) standards. The safe transfer of card information to a data center and its reuse in payment processes are carried out through ``Tokenization`` algorithms. Each piece of sensitive information belonging to the customer is stored within tokens for each card and used in VPOS/payment gateway transactions.

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