What are Data Analytics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence?

By Çağlar Şahin What are Data Analytics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence? In data analytics, we collect, store, categorize and [...]

EMV in a Nutshell

By Alptekin Topal. EMV is a payment card technology that uses a chip to authenticate transactions, making it more secure [...]

Use Cases of Payment Gateways in Retail

by Opeanai As a retailer, it's essential to offer your customers a secure and convenient payment process, whether they're shopping [...]

3 Reasons Why You Need Card Personalization Services

by Alptekin Topal Card personalization, or card issuance, is the process of adding unique features and customer information to the [...]

Grow Your Cardholders with Innovative Issuing

by Ayşen Nergiz, Meriç Özgen Grow Your Cardholder Portfolio with Innovative Issuing Solutions As an issuing bank, both traditional and [...]

Value Your Cardholders with Prepaid Card Solutions

by Ayşen Nergiz Prepaid cards offer several benefits for both cardholders and banks in terms of convenience, flexibility, and security. [...]

Secure Mobile Payment White-Box Cryptography

by Orhan Akdemir In today's digital age, people are making more transactions through their mobile devices than ever before. This [...]

Why Neobanks Need a Fintech Partner

by Meriç Özgen, Ayşen Nergiz The 2008 financial crisis was a turning point for the finance industry. Resulting in the [...]

6 Ways to Apply Loyalty Programs to Payments

by Meriç Özgen, Ayşen Nergiz Each year, $1.6 trillion is lost by organizations that are not able to achieve customer [...]

Choosing the Right Payment Processing Partner

How to Choose the Right Payment Processing Partner by Ayşen Nergiz The acceleration in the use of financial technologies is [...]

Can Everything Be a Payment Terminal? 

by Gürel Yıldız We can define the term ‘terminal’ as ‘devices that can accept payment’. We can say non-electronic credit [...]

Dr. EMV or How We Learned to Love Payment Systems

by Barış Şenliol Kubrick’s 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove, featuring Peter Seller’s iconic performance, tells the story of a doctor in [...]

Migration to 8 Digit BIN

by Hanife Yıldıztekin While Paycore offers card personalization options, printing from a branch, and mass printing, it also gives you [...]

Time to Welcome to New Tech

by Lütfiye Bilgin Rahimi The coronavirus outbreak has become a pandemic and is spreading in multiple countries around the world. […]

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