PayCore, with over 20 years of experience, is a reliable and long-term solution partner financial institutions that need outsourcing services in payment-systems acquiring, cutting down on CAPEX/OPEX expenses. While you focus on your main activities, all your technical and operational processes in card acceptance are seamlessly managed with PayCore’s expertise.

Why PayCore Acquiring Processing Services?

• Certified platforms and processes approved by payment authorities and international schemes (PCI DSS, GDPR, VISA, Mastercard, local schemes)
• In-house developed, innovative, cutting-edge tech payment solutions

• Highest-level security precautions

• Continuous improvement of services and products

• Complete product portfolio for all processing needs: Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, POS, E-commerce and more

• Extensive API connections with easy customization and integration

• 24/7 uninterrupted, fast, cost-effective operation guaranteed, maximizing the level of customer satisfaction


24/7 Operation & Monitoring

All of our systems are monitored 24/7, by customer and service breakdown analysis, with industry-recognized tools. Our highly experienced teams are there so you can take rapid, solution-focused action in any emergency situation.

Parameter Management and Financial Maintenance

Defining merchant's parameters such as transaction limits, transaction restrictions, value date, commission, and making debit and credit entries into their accounts in accordance with institutions’ requirements.

Merchant Help Desk & POS Field Services

Managing POS field services processes with its 24/7 technical support to merchants.

Fraud Management

24/7 operation of rule-based fraud scenarios and action plans, pre-set rules customized for each financial institutions, in accordance with the changing regulatory requirements, for the earliest and efficient fraud detection. Stay on top of possible fraudulent transaction patterns, run potential fraud strategies with PayCore!

Chargeback Management

Managing chargeback transactions from issuer banks for merchants’ expenditures, with simple and timely enhanced reporting in line with changing regulations.
With fully integrated chargeback management solutions, easily relieve the burden of managing chargebacks, reduce chargeback volume, and resolve objectives in the blink of an eye!

Clearing and Settlement Management

Delivering reconciliation data between the financial institution and the merchants. Providing you ideal reconciliation services between international and local card schemes and the financial institutions, via clearing-file transfer processes.

POS and ATM Field Services Support

24/7 management services such as ATM installation, opening, closing, change requests, monitoring, cash reconciliation, fault tracking, reporting, and technical support to financial institutions with ATM support teams

Account Statement and Reporting

Creation of card statement data to be sent to institutions’ cardholders and delivering it to document printing companies. Preparation of periodic reports of international and local card schemes on behalf of the institution.

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